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Vinyl’s performance in siding and windows has established it as a superior construction material. We’ve improved the performance and made it available in an even broader range of outdoor products, everything from arbors to decking. Why? Because it’s designed to do what wood can’t – last. Our special formula combines UV inhibitors and impact modifiers for a product that lasts not just a couple of seasons or even 15 or 20 years, but for life. We guarantee it. And it lasts without the maintenance associated with wood. All that time and energy wasted on maintenance are replaced with just the occasional rinse with a garden hose. Contact us today to install vinyl fencing at your Lehigh Valley home.

Benefits of

Vinyl Fencing

Unlike some other brands, OnGuard Fence Systems powder-coats their products after punching and notching. As a result, this re-seals all exposed surfaces with a protective powder coat finish for long-lasting quality.

A modern middle class home with its backyard being enclosed for privacy by a new, modern style white vinyl fence. Green grass, and blue sky is in the background.